Z bites into the Oct. 2014 Comic Bento Box






Z  bites into the Oct. 2014 Comic Bento Box

Hey All lovers of comics, graphic novels, and reading in general, it’s me your Pamphlet Perusing Pal, the  Regent of reading, that wizard of the written word -Z- !  This time in the Comics Bento Box was a nice variety of Horror themed books adding up to about Seventy dollars in all this time which was a nice deal indeed! Let’s march into the macabre assortment of books and see what novels of the night there are to peruse.


First up is The Big Book of Horror, an interesting take on some classic Horror stories with fascinating art easily modernizing timeless tales of horror. Written by Steve Niles with art by Scott Morse, Ted McKeever, and Richard Sala the stories of Dracula, War of the Worlds,and Frankenstein are brought to painted life for a new generation.


Night Mary is a psychological thriller of a sleep disorder doctor training his daughter to dream walk into mental patients minds, a  serial killer causes her world to fall into chaos. Written by Rick Remender and art by Kieron Dwyer it’s sure to leave you wanting more each page as you read.


Shadowman:Birth Rites collects the first 4 issues of a long time Valiant comics character who has many issues with demons inner and outer and teaches of power and costs, Written by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher who also does the art it’s a  Dark and Frightening superhero for the modern age.


Last but not least is this exquisite hardcover horror book called The Ticking. Writtten and art by Renee’ French is a mostly visual novel that has to be experienced really, deep and full of visual treats of a world and how dark things can get.


wrapping up is of course another bookmark and October’s bento sticker showing the Horror theme,overall a very nice assortment,well worth the money,and all good reads. I eagerly await the next box which is to be comedy, who couldn’t use a good laugh once in awhile? Keep reading people and i’ll see you next month!


Z braves the October 2014 Fear Lootcrate!


Greetings Ghouls and ghosts Z here for another subscription box review. This time is the October 2014 Lootcrate with the theme of “Fear”. Being that Halloween is easily my overall favorite holiday this crate was very well received and enjoyed. Let’s peek through shaking fingers and see what was inside!


Look closely…do you see it? This shirt which to the unobservant or far away observer may see a simple skull design but in fact it’s a bunch of kittens  carefully arranged, and yes it’s Kittens but hey it’s comfortable. 🙂


Next up is the Lootcrate magazine featuring a 3D cover and a couple choice parts inside, it’s full of good info especially  an exclusive interview with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.


Like many Lootcrate a bit of candy and the month’s theme button are nice little additions.


Anyone who’s seen the movie Sharknado 2 (It’s fun in a silly and crazy way) will recognize this, the actual book mentioned in the beginning written by the fictional heroes of the films, it’s full of many SyFy channel movie monsters and how to handle them, quite the amusing read.


Next is a contribution through Cursevoice for a Smite God Thanatos and halloween themed skin, very cool since I actually play Smite time to time.


Some Zombie themed temporary tattoos is nice for those wanting to perhaps round out their costumes with a bite or cut without much effort.


Capcom and Deadrising 3 supplied an exclusive Lootcrate item, patterned after a created weapon in the game in pen form is fitting indeed.


For Walking Dead fans they will recognize this scene well as long time character of the show Merle turned causing a very dramatic scene for show favorite Merle’s brother Daryl.


Finally is a Lootcrate specific cover to an issue of The Walking Dead comic book, very fun for any fan or collector.

I give much props to this sub box, lot’s of fun items and exclusives and encompassed the Halloween season quite well, I can’t wait to see what November brings!

Z reviews the October 2014 Nerd Block! Snooches!






Hey all, Z  here with October’s Nerd Block Subscription box review and I have to say it was totally worth it. Not only were there great items but this month’s box was personally created by the one and only Kevin Smith!!

Now if your living in a cave, under a rock, or just not hipster enough to know who I am talking about Mr. Smith is a Movie writer/actor/director as well as a voice over actor and comic book writer. He will also be in the Newest Lego Batman video game playing the voice of..who else..Kevin Smith.

As big of a fan of both Marvel and DC comics (and having worked for both) this month’s box theme was COLLIDE: Marvel vs. DC and a good assortment was representing both companies as well as a couple Kevin Smith specific items.


First up was the shirt this month featuring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes Characters Jay and Silent Bob dressed as the Dynamic Duo-ish lol Very nice shirt that surprised me as I’d never seen this one before anywhere really.


Next is a true Marvel V. DC item, POW! Brand Buttons featuring Spider-Man and Wolverine against Batman and Superman, which I find hilarious given the pending Bats vs Supes movie looming and the fact that Spidey kinda replaced the recently deceased Wolvie in the comics.


Next up was the promised OfficialAvengers Movie prop replica and I sort’ve had guessed it would be this or something else small like a shield pin but it’s the Captain America Trading cards that Marvel’s Agent’s of Shield Coulson had in the movie and subsequently “died” spilling blood on them. They came with a certificate of Authenticity card in the back of the deck as well.


For the DC side is this Arkham Asylum Patients Notes notebook, inside are even post-its and colored post-it tabs for marking certain notes by color code, pretty cool being a huge fan of the Arkham video game series.


Back over to Marvel is my 2nd ever POP! Marvel figure, Maskless Deadpool this time, so he can now sit next to my Groot figure and have very…odd…conversations together…very odd.


Another Kevin Smith themed item is these various stickers featuring such things as Lego Jay and Silent Bob, Super Jay and Silent Bob Bros., and of course some references to Smith’s newest movie Tusk with Walrus imagery.


Finally this month while not with the theme but still..it’s ZELDA related is a Mascot Dangler charm. I got the princess one but still, anything Zelda is alright in this Nerd/Geek’s view.

Overall one of the best boxes I’ve gotten since trying these sub boxes, let’s hoping it keeps up in the future!

Z digs into September’s Fantasy Comic Bento

   Fantasy Comic Bento Sept. 2014SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

       Hey all Z here, I started checking out various subscription boxes a few month’s ago, I came across Comic Bento and

figured I’d give it a shot being a long time comic collector and in general a fan of good reading subjects. Being a month

delayed technically is a little bit of a wait but after the first month every 30 days should be normal. So This first Comic

Bento was fantasy based. It was as promised worth much more then the cost, and fine quality books as well as a

bookmark and September’s Bento sticker.


      Beyond the Wall is a Roman era fantasy book, very strong visuals and solid story writing makes for

an exciting and fast paced read.


       The Blade Itself Volume One: The First law is a typical swords and action fantasy story, heavy on drama, action, and striking points making it a fun read indeed.


      Grimwood’s Daughter is a end of days of magic and elves fantasy story that moves along and drags you in wanting to finish it quickly.


      Lower Regions is a sort of throw back to the old silent flip books with heavy on Gore, a bit minor

adult-ish but ultimately amusing and funny in that fantasy style. It reminding me of something you

might see in Heavy Metal magazine honestly which is always good.


      Finally I got a Comic Bento bookmark and the sticker for September. Overall I give it a solid 8 out of

10 swords for the fantasy theme,it’s a good group of writers and artists titles and the next theme of

horror does have me intrigued to say the least. Definitely worth the money so if you feel it’s interested

you give them a shot and I’ll be back next month for another book review!

      You can check out more details at http://comicbento.com/

Who’s watchin’ the WatchDogs? Z’s honest game review




Hey all, So I have played WatchDogs about a week now and I figured video reviews are OK but I’m going to write this up to get a bit more detailed and honest in what specifically I like or dislike in this open world game from Ubisoft. 

      First off some backstory, I have played MANY open world games, every GTA-Red Dead Redemption-Saints Row 1-3-Assasin’s Creed-and recently Sleeping Dogs. Most are similar in having missions/side missions/ mini games/and discovery spots,besides things like safe houses,clothing options, and various weapons/abilities. I’m a GTA nut to be honest,buy them right away play and play until storymode is done. So when I first saw WatchDogs I was like “huh GTA with hacking” and it is in basic that but oh so much more as you travel down the rabbit hole. (OK so I kinda had to make a Matrix reference there..I apologize)

      In WatchDogs you play a hacker who does the wrong hack and due to a hit put out his niece is killed and your trying to get revenge. The world is set in Chicago and it’s a very alive and vibrant version of an open world game. Everything is nearly hackable, people’s phones-atm accounts(your money source), security cameras, traffic lights,gates and doors,car alarms, and many other thing used to get away or slow the police.

      It has many points of interest around Chi-town and mini games as well,one that’s like a virtual LSD trip or something where u can do various games for points and bonus, races of sort to help someone escape while you distract the cops(but this involves driving and I will get to that later…), typical missions and then my favorite is criminal detection tasks.

       Criminal detection  is usually triggered when u detect a possible crime via a persons phone conversation or texts,a spot shows up on your map and often you go and hide and wait,sometimes following a victim,sometimes the criminal. I like the unpredictability,one time a guy seemed to be planting a bomb at a gas station another time a guy roughing up a girl in an alley and another which I don’t know how I got a “success” notification dude walks up and just shoots a guy on a bench multiple times before I tackled and beat him into submission. It’s fun and can be long(LONG) foot chases but a good diversion from typical missions.

      The cut scenes aren’t bad,revealing-funny at times-and not too long,quickly getting back to the action. Hacking buildings for info is sorta  mini game as well,finding what circuits lead to where are challenging and worth taking the time to do. Controls in general seem alright,nothing special,aiming is decent but can be glitchy at times and then…there’s the driving.

     So I have played GTA a really long time,I bought GTA 3 the week it was out and have bought every one since. I do understand every game is different,but in a game like WatchDogs where fast getaways are kinda crucial I have to say the driving is a horrible and unforgiving experience. So what’s wrong, well for one I like realism but it seems a bit slow starting or shutting cars off,then there is the steering that seems like a racer from 1985,barely moving to the right or left veers you into cars/people/objects, hand braking is OK but super touchy causing you at times to slide way away from your turn, and the physics seem floaty,like cars hitting can at times push past what should be normal. 

     So Do I like WatchDogs? Yes It is a fun and crazy game,has many hours of enjoyment I am sure and I will be making videos on alot of these aspects for visual enjoyment lol. Do I think this is the next step in the evolution of open world games…..eh I can’t say that to be honest. I like it, i think it’s worth checking out,and it has alot of stuff I have always asked for to be added to a GTA game. That being said the driving kills me,I run around…alot…and while it’s pretty and rich with stuff to do it’s still alot of the same in a  shiny wrapper.

     This is my opinion of course,one man’s issues may be another’s challenge to conquer,but I’m not conquering the driving..just no..lol..I don’t think the hacking and city control is an amazing feat in game mechanics,now a step further could be open world destruction as well,I still have no idea how this would work -cough-maybe voxels-cough- but the free reign to plant c-4 on a bridge and temp destroy it(until its rebuilt over time) or causing a cave-in in a building may be what is needed to push open world games like these one more step to full freedom. We’ll see how it goes and until then I will “run” around and hack Chicago…I wonder if I can get a good pizza while I’m there?


Z’s Days of future what? My X-MEN movie review




Hey all back for another Z’s no spoiler but honest movie review, got to see the new X-MEN filme Days of future past and let me tell you it was a wild ride. As seen in the image above Days of future past was a classic comic storyline by the amazing Chris Claremont, basically centering around Wolverine’s attempt to change a dark ominous future for not only the X-men but humanity himself. The movie follows many similar premises but as usual is as different as this X-men universe is from the books as always. Now alot of the same players are back , Wolverine-Storm-Xavier-Magneto-and Mystique as well as second banana types like Colossus, Shadow Cat, and Iceman. Some new players on the scene were Bishop,Blink,Warpath,and Sunspot represented fine in many a fight scene.  A few surprises along the way I won’t disclose but are well worth the price of admission.

      The storyline is Boliver Trask played by the awesome Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame(not to mention the best scene in Elf which I watch ever Christmas) trying to build Sentinels(Giant mutant hunting robots) and the future result of this task.  The movie jumps from future to past spanning some years from our present to 1973 where it all goes down. The movie was surprisingly very funny,dark themes in the future were balanced with jokes and light heartedness in the past. Each actor did their role well I felt bringing the characters to life or continuing their great representations.

      Special effects were top notch, from mutant powers to a scene where a giant baseball stadium is ripped up and floats through the sky it was amazing and great to see done well. Musical score I can’t say I noticed much,typical X-men themed music at times permeated but I have never been like “That was perfect for the X-MEN” to be honest,it was fine just not memorable. Time wise it’s just over 2 hours and the pacing is well done not having too many scenes not necessary or dull. Finally on technicals is the look and feel of scenes or outfits, From the kinda war-like future garb and the 70’s standard suits and clothing it all fit,was believable and I can say some were just great.

      In the end out of 10 claws up I give it a solid 9,that’s right bub, I would push 10 but I’m rough on The X-men, they did this story justice and a set up for the next movie was great so all around entertaining and one of the most action packed fights throughout ever in a superhero movie.  Go see it,definitely rent or buy when out on dvd and blu ray and I will say one thing speed may kill but the speedster killed me with hilarity. Nuff Said!