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My -Z- Cents! (You Tube “censorship”)



Greeeeetings and Salutations!!!

I am Mr. Z and this is the return of The blog and a new weekly “rant” series where i put my 2 cents in on a subject,get it “Z” cents….eh lol So anyways I kinda wwasn’t going to go out of my way to say anything about the recent you tube changes….or sorta changes  throwing panic all over. My channel is on hiatus until Next month and really I not only don’t monetize yet or rarely venture beyond the pg stuff anyways so why does this affect me. In basic terms it doesn’t ,but I can see good and bad in it and since a cool dude asked me “What do you think?”( -cough-Zero Score-cough- who has a channel as well and you can click on his name to go check out his fantastic content if you wish.) I figured I wanted to start this series anyways among other blog things and it seems like a nice return.

I’m not going to make this some 47 page tirade, or silly joke so I don’t waste anyone’s precious time. If you aren’t aware (for some reason) recently new rules on monetization of you tube videos began getting enforced. Most are what I deem reasonable, some are a bit sketchy in free speech areas, and some are confusing or irrational in ways. I’ll give my main opinion on these and try to explain myself.

If you want to see a full and concise list of these rules go to you tube yourself or watch one of the million videos people have made on the subject,it’s not hard to find them. What it’s boiling down to is “supposedly” you tube advertisers seem to have issues with questionable content in the videos they advertise during so they’d prefer more widely accepted subjects to peddle their goods and services. Now this isn’t new or weird really, the radio and television companies have always had their restrictions due to sponsers. So is it very weird after 10 or 11 years you tube suddenly enforces some of the same policies, yes and no really.

I find it slightly off putting it’s taken THIS long for enforcing these rules when a ridiculous ton of not just the big channels but medium and small channels have mostly had free reign to express themselves. If from the beginning these things were in place I’d say this was 100% fine. It’s understandable but to make thousands or millions to just completely change over night or be punished is a bit much. Now on you tubes side most of the rules are fine, I don’t fully believe the profanity one applies to just the random f bomb but maybe a more pointed poke at bullying and de-faming people or companies.

Excessive violence, drugs, and sexual content I can understand, most can just simply not go into these areas,livestream, or blog or tweet those opinions or jokes if they are a must. Now under those terms I don’t agree helping people with legal drug advice or depression or even abuse help should be included as they are helpful and supportive but if it can’t be split from those items I guess alright. The main issue I have is the last category dealing with not just vague unexplained subjects but no talking about politics,war,or natural disasters slightly annoys me. Tornados,Hurricanes,floods,fires impact lives heavy and if say someone wants to put proceeds they make on a video for a charity to help people now they likely can’t do that.

Same with political or war related items, military/vets/war efforts fuel many in this country and other countries I’m sure so taking away those freedoms of opinion and expression is a bit harsh,Let’s be honest too not only is it a freedom to talk about political stuff but it can be comical as well.  These rules aren’t going away so I’d say adjust and move on, you can still make your monies out there everyone lol I’s say make those “guideline” vids you need for revenue and make the rest how you want and just take the hit on the non-payment. But hey that’s my opinion, my -Z- Cents!


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