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BACK To The Blog!

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Greetings and Salutations!

It is I, the one and only, sometimes I go by Zilvis…Sometimes I go by Thomas<<Shocking I know lol nahhh considering for 2 years on The Tweeter I used my full name it’s out there…oh somewhere. Mostly these days though yep it’s Mr. Z or The Z Files as my Twitter and Youtubes and Instagram…yes I have a sillygram lol but anywho this is kinda where I alllllll started,well and my now unused Wildstar Blog, but here I did many a movie review,game review, linked videos, did a bit o the ranting ,and general art mischief. At some point life…and attempted sleep…and video making got busy and the blog sorta got buried. BUT <<<and I know it’s bad to start a sentence that way,shh lol BUT I hope I’m back, now sure I could review movies and books and games on my youtube…possibly but no no I’m gonna go a bit more dynamically detailed in explaining then I can in verbal terms. In the end I’m a writer,as screams my dozen short stories, huge unfinished novel,and random comicbook scripts around and un-published lol…maybe someday, for today though know soon OH SO SOON regular 1-2 blogs a week will churn out again,some reviews,some ideas,maybe a story? Oh and those things people love…rants..drama..opinions…yup probably those too…so prepare yourselves for KOZ FILES 2.0 a literary FEAST for the eyes!


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