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-Z- reviews the December #Nerdblock

Greetings and Salutations gamers, sprites, and muggles alike!!! December’s Nerdblock had some very cool and cute items to warm this gamers heart in the holiday season,slightly 80’s themed (which is always fine with me) let’s see what was inside!


When they rumored a Gremlins item this is exactly what I wanted, a nearly life size exact replica of Gizmo, I watch Gremlins every year in my Christmas movie list and having my own Mogwai is sweet indeed!


Being a former Dungeons and Dragons player (and current Neverwinter MMO player) this D&D item came very well received and will sit by my gaming PC proudly.


A Tetris notebook with block dividers is interesting, and cool for the anniversary of that classic game.


For the holiday season a bonus shirt came included, first up is a Harry Potter Butter Beer Pub Crawl shirt, nice design and color and second was an Anime themed shirt depicting a white wolf and the saying “The Battle is Coming” Now I don’t know the anime this represents honestly? If anyone does you might comment below just so I don’t wonder forever. 🙂


Last be far from least is this, a certified Print from the classic fantasy 80’s movie Willow, both Warwick Davis of Willow/Lepracaun/Harry Potter fame and Val Kilmer of Willow/The Saint/ Batman Forever fame signed copies,I received a Val Kilmer, I’m not a “oh boy I got an autograph” type but it’s very cool since I have seen the movie many many times growing up.

That’s all for the Nerdy Blocky fun this time, nice stuff and good end to the year, Let’s wait and hope 2015 gets even more Nerdy!!


3 responses to “-Z- reviews the December #Nerdblock

  1. did you ever tell me you were on wordpress? I don’t remember! Forgive me if you did? Love the tetris notebook. I played that one so many hours when I was little. Was thrilled when my hubby started building a standup arcade machine and I found out that tetris was on it. so excited!

    • zilvis78

      I think so plus I usually had it on video descriptions and twitter lol I just haven’t had much time to blog XD I might soon tho

      • know how that goes. I’ve been so busy with youtube stuff and family stuff i haven’t really had much time to work on stories or poetry. Have three songs whirling around in my head so i guess that’s something? lol. I’m sorry i didn’t notice before! I’ve been so busy. I’m trying to get better about it!

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